A nursing shift schedule template is a readymade document which helps many nursing centres or hospitals to serve the purpose of a nursing shift schedule. Such templates can be easily customised as per the requirements of the nursing centre by filling in the appropriate details in the given blank spaces. This saves time of the users and also provides them with an easy and convenient method to draft a nursing shift schedule for them. Given below is a sample of one such nursing shift schedule which can be used easily for reference purpose.

You can Download the Free Nursing Shift Schedule Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Nursing Shift Schedule Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Nursing Schedule Template:

Nursing Shift Schedule Template

Download Nursing shift schedule template

LOGO of the nursing centre/hospital/medical organisation

[Insert here the logo of the nursing centre or hospital which is using the template for making a nursing shift schedule]


                          [Address: ___________________[write the full address of the hospital]

Name of the division: ________________[mention here the name of the division of the hospital for which nursing schedule is being made]

Head doctor/personnel incharge: _________________[mention here the name of the head doctor incharge of the division]

Number of wards:____________[mention here the total number of wards in the division]

Number of private rooms: _____________[mention here the total number of rooms in the division]

Time slot: _____________________[mention here the entire interval of the time slot along with starting and ending time for which schedule is being formed]

Number of nurses: _____________[write down the total number of nurses in the division]

Nursing Shift Schedule

Employee name Shift number Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

[Fill the columns as per personal specifications and details]