An Office Word resume template refers to the set of readymade documents offered by Microsoft Office, which is like a bundle of applications and services, in order to help one create a suitable resume. An office word template can be selected by opening a new Word document and choosing the appropriate resume template out of the many choices. These templates offer a variety of formatting tools which can be adjusted according to one’s requirements. Type your information in the template, select font and designing options and make a resume which will help you grab the attention of the interviewer and make your resume stand out from the rest.

You can Download the Free Office Word Resume Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Office Word Resume Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample MS Office Word Resume Template:

Office Word Resume Template

Download MS Office Word Resume Template

Name : [Give name of applicant]

Address: [Mention the applicant’s address]

Phone: [Mention phone number]

e-mail ID: [Mention email address]

Objective: [Enter objective or professional goal]
Educational qualifications:
1)  [Insert year]                  [Insert name of university]                                                   [Insert name of degree or course studied]2)  [Insert year]                  [Insert name of university]

                                       [Insert name of degree or course studied]

Work Experience:
1)  [Insert year]                  [Insert name of organisation]                                                   [Insert name of post or designation]2)  [Insert year]                  [Insert name of organisation]

                                                   [Insert name of post or designation]

Activities and Awards:
1)  [Insert year]                  [Insert name of award]                                                   [Describe area in which award was given]2)  [Insert year]                  [Insert name of activity]

                                              [Description of activity]

Languages known: [Mention the names and number of languages known]
[Describe previous employment and name of organisation]1)  _________2)  _________ [Name of contact person] 1)  ____________

2)  ____________


[Contact number] 1)  _________

2)  _________