An organ donation pamphlet template is a template which is used to emphasise on the issue of organ donation. Such templates can also be used to inform target group of people about a particular organ donation possibility of person. They are useful as they save time and special expert reference to draft the pamphlet.

You can Download the Free Organ Donation Pamphlet Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Organ Donation Pamphlet Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Organ Donation Pamphlet Template:

Organ Donation Pamphlet Template

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Name of the organisation: _____________ [mention the name of the organisation releasing the pamphlet]

Title: ___________ [give the name of the organ donation pamphlet]

Organ donation: An insight

Organ donation might not be the most popular things around, but contrary to the common myth, organ donation is surely the right thing to do. Organ donors are people who give their viable organs to others after their death. Some people also consider full body donation where they hand over their bodies to medical schools for medical research and teachings.

Benefits of organ donation

  • The greatest benefit of organ donation is that it helps to save a life at risk, the life being that of a little kid to that of an elderly.
  • The organs donated can increase the quality of life.
  • It sure is the greatest act of humanity and kindness
  • [Give other benefits here]

Is the body disfigured after organ or tissue donation?

No, the organs are removed by surgeons with respect and dignity. There are usually no signs of the donated organ’s absence. [Mention various points that suggest that there is no harm in organ donation is approved by the doctors]