The personal essay template is useful for those students who are applying for colleges and universities. This must be properly organized and provide adequate reasoning as to why the candidate should be selected by the educational institution. The essay must highlight the student’s personal achievement in the academic and extra-curricular fields and elaborate on the skills and talents that he/she posses. The format of the personal essay must have an introduction, a body that must provide the required points about the student and a concluding statement that must be create sufficient impact for the selection committee to choose the applicant. The personal essay template provided can be altered as per the requirements as well.

Sample Personal Essay Template:

Personal Essay Template

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Personal Essay

Personal Essay by:__________________________ [Mention the name of the student]

Addressed to: ___________________[State  the name of the school/college/university the student is applying to]

Purpose:___________ [Briefly mention the purpose of composing the essay]

Total number of words:______ [Specify the number of words used in the essay]

Date of Submission: _____________ [dd/mm/yy]

Introduction [Specify introductory details of the student which will include age, academic qualification and last educational institution passed out from]




General Body: [Mention all the necessary details regarding personal skills, hobbies, academic and other achievements of the student. Also mention the reasons for selection of the particular institute]

Qualities and Skills:

Interests and Hobbies:

Awards and Achievements:

Reasons for Choosing ____________________ [Name the institute here]

Conclusion [Specify the reasons why the selection committee should select. Elaborate on the reasons that set you apart from the rest of the applicants.]