A petty cash receipt is a receipt which records the transactions of small amounts of money. Such receipts are used commonly at a number of companies, businesses and organizations.

These are also used in banks and other financial institutions. A petty cash receipt template on the other hand is a document using which a petty cash receipt can be drafted or made easily and in the minimum possible time.

A petty cash receipt is needed in bulk amounts by the organizations which use them and so templates are extremely useful because they eliminate the need to create the receipts from scratch each time. A template can be downloaded and its multiple copies can be printed for bulk use.

The template provides the correct format as well as the content details such as date of transaction, amount of transaction, name of the people between whom the transaction is taking place etc. All these fields are left as blanks and can be filled in by the user.

A petty cash receipt template is customizable as anyone can edit and make changes in the content provided so as to personalize it to suit individual needs. These templates can be found on the web in many formats.

Sample Petty Cash Receipt Template:

Petty Cash Receipt Template

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