A document by the means of which a plumber or a plumbing company asks the customer or service user to pay a certain amount for the services offered is known as a plumbing service invoice.  A plumbing service invoice lists down the services which have been offered, price of each of the service and the total cost due to be paid by the customer or service user. In many cases, plumbers may not know how to frame individual invoices for each customers and in this case, they can make use of plumbing service invoice.

  • Plumbing service invoice template is a document which is a ready to use version of an invoice for plumbers. The template comes with a preformatted structure and a layout which can be used to obtain an actual invoice.
  • The template of this kind proves useful as it can save a plumber from doing all the hardwork and also is time saving.
  • There are blank spaces in the template which can be filled in by the customer specific details like service description, date of service, name of the customer, price for the service, signature of the plumber and customer etc.
  • Plumbing service invoice templates are thus widely used and very popular.

Sample Plumbing Service Invoice Template



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