A pre-school brochure is a document which outlines the services, facilities and choices offered to parents wanting to admit their wards in a per-school system. A pre-school brochure template should thus outline the important aspects of a pre-school brochure. The template must play role of that document which can be quickly out to use by a pre school and thus executed on an immediate basis. This is possible if the template leaves space for the user to add his own information and details of his pre school. Thus such templates are customisable in  nature and are quite widely used because they also save time. Samples of many such pre school brochure templates are available on this website.

Sample Pre-School Brochure Template


pre school

Download Pre-School Brochure Template


Name: ____________________________________ [Name of the institution]

Date of establishment: __________________________________ [Year of establishment]

Our motto: ____________________________________________ [Mention the foundational principal of the pre-school]

Values we stand for: ___________________________________ [Mention the values the pre-school seeks to inculcate in its wards]

Admissions open for children:

  • For Montessori: __________________ years [Age of students in years who are eligible for admission to Montessori]
  • For pre-nursery: ___________________ years [Age in years]

Admission opens from: ____ [dd/mm/yy] to ___________ [dd/mm/yy]

Services we offer:

  • __________________________________
  • __________________________________ [Mention facilities like compulsory mid day meals and day care provision]


  • Admission charges: ______________________________________
  • Monthly fees: ___________________________________________
  • Fees for meals: __________________________________________
  • Charges for daycare [optional]: ______________________________ [Mention the charges for the various facilities provided by the pre-school]