Preschool pamphlet template is a source of advertisement for a school meant for toddlers. It is a piece of paper containing all the necessary information about the school and staff required by the parents before admitting their child in the school.

You can Download the Free Pre School Pamphlet Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Pre School Pamphlet Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Preschool Pamphlet Template:

Pre School Pamphlet Template

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Name: – ___________________ [Here mention name of the preschool]

Address: – ____________________ [Here mention location of the preschool]

Functioning: – _______________ [Here mention the school is functioning since which year]

Age: – ______________ [Here mention minimum eligible age of the child seeking admission]

Session: – ___________________ [mention commencement and ending time period of session]

Preschool timings: – _________________ [mention working hours of preschool]

Early arrival: – ________________________ [mention if required can a child report early and at what time]

Stay back facility: – _______________________ [mention can the child stay back till late hours and till what time]

Registration fee: – ____________________ [mention fees to be deposited at the time of registration]

Monthly fee: – __________________ [mention fee to be deposited every month]

Outdoor activities: – ___________________ [mention outdoor games available in preschool for the child]

Indoor activities: – _________________________ [mention indoor facilities in the preschool]

Academics: – ________________________ [mention academic studies provided to the child]

Groups: – ________________________ [mention how many groups are formed in one class and number of children in one group]

Snacks: – _________________________ [mention if snacks are provided in meal time or not]

Staff: – _______________________ [mention about the teaching and non-teaching staff]

Things required: – _________________________ [mention things to be brought by the child]