A preschool lesson plan template can be used as an effective document for providing details of the pre-school lesson plan for delivering the teaching effectiveness. The document should list the subjects to be taken up, the teaching methodologies, activities to be performed by the participants, the skill to be taught and the objectives of the pre-school lesson plan.

The preschool lesson plan template is a document prepared in advance for the convenience of the teachers while preparing a lesson plan for their students. This particular template has been designed for those at pre-school level. It provides brief glance of the lesson, its aim/ purpose, the topics to be covered, the events to be conducted i.e. teaching methodologies, its relevance, the timings and number of the classes etc. Any preschool teacher can use the template by filling in details of his/ her plan.

Sample Preschool Lesson Plan template:

Preschool Lesson Plan Template

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Title of the Pre-school lesson plan: ___________________

Topics to be covered

Subjects / Concepts to be covered in the pre-school lesson plan are:

[Mention all the topics in the right sequence]

  1. Name: ___________________ Date/Week: ______________
  2. Name: ___________________ Date/Week: ______________
  3. Name: ___________________ Date/Week: ______________
  4. Name: ___________________ Date/Week: ______________
  5. Name: ___________________ Date/Week: ______________
  6. Name: ___________________ Date/Week: ______________

Objectives of the Pre-school lesson plan

[Mention why the pre-school lesson plan is being held, what are the uses of it]

The objectives of the pre-school lesson plan will be to:

  1. ___________________________________________________
  2. ___________________________________________________
  3. ___________________________________________________

Teaching methodologies used

The pre-school lesson plan will use the following methodologies for teaching:

  1. ___________________ [E.g., Tutoring, practical’s, etc]
  2. ___________________
  3. ___________________


We have put the following activities in the calendar of our pre-school lesson plan:

  1. ________________ [E.g, Group work, presentation, etc]
  2. ________________
  3. ________________



The participants are expected to bring the following with them:

  1. _________________ [E.g., notebooks, stationery, etc]
  2. _________________

Skills to be taught [Mention the educational and development skills]

  1. _________________
  2. _________________
  3. _________________


  1. _______________ [Mention all those target participants that can get benefited from the pre-school lesson plan]
  2. _______________