A price quotation template is a business document constructed on the basis of the estimated price range and other financial components unique to the item in question. It is given by the vendor to the customer to familiarise him with the price specifications of the item so that the business is conducted easily without fetching complications pertinent to payments and bargains. The bargains may be adopted and business conditions may be smoothened based on the quotation list. Therefore the document should be created skilfully where all the price details must be laid out tantamount to the practical costs of the item as well as its sub-parts.

You can Download the Free Price Quotation Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Price Quotation Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Price Quotation Template

Price Quotation Template

Download Price Quotation Template


Representative name: _____________ [Provide the name of the person authorising the quotation list]
Customer name: ____________ [Provide the name of the person requesting for it]
Date: ______________ [Provide correct date of submission of quotation]
Validity period: ___________ [Mention the time period for which the quotation is valid]
Purpose: [Mention the objectives of creating the quotation]
Product details: [Stipulate the corresponding product information]
1. Name: ____________ [Mention name]
2. Type: _____________ [Mention the nature]
3. Utility: ____________ [Give an outline of the predominant uses]
Price Quotation: [Stipulate the price details of the product]
Sub-Parts of the Item [Name the individual sub-parts that go into the making of the product] Average Market Price [Mention the ongoing market trends] Tax [Indicate the amount of tax imposed] Unit of Measure [Name the unit of measurement] Price Per Unit [Cite the prices]


Signature: ______________________ [Give signature of representative]