Product Brochure Template

A product brochure template is an informative document that contains the information regarding the product information, associated services and company information. These types of templates are used for wide range of products. Any template of this kind is used to effectively reflect the brand image and quality and is used to display a product’s usefulness and details. The template is a customisable document which must be filled in with appropriate details wherever needed in order to personalise the document as per the product’s specifications.

Since these product brochure templates are pre written and ready to use, therefore one reason why product manufacturers use them is because they save a lot of time.

Sample Product Brochure Template



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Company Logo: _______________

Name of the company: __________ [introductory information of the product seller or a manufacturer company]

Image of the product/ (s): ___________________ [insert high resolution image of the product (s)]

What we offer:

Name of the products: ____________

Nature of the product: _____________

Functioning of the product: _________

Usage of the product: _____________

Benefits of the products: ___________ [this field contains necessary information of the offered products]

How we work: ______________ [this portion is beneficial for convincing the customers by printing lucrative details]

FAQ: __________________ [this section consists of initial level frequently asked questions to educate the buyers]

Contact us: ______________ [this part includes contact details such a phone number, e-mail id, fax number and website of the company]

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