A program booklet template may be used as a basis for creating a program booklet which can be used by guests at various functions and events. A program booklet means a brochure or a booklet given to patrons who attend live events like exhibitions, dance programmes, theatre plays, operas, sports events or even personal events like weddings or funerals. A program booklet, besides containing photographs of the artistes and their works, contains the timings and event schedule of the event. There are other details like the programme itinerary, the biography of the artistes, a background of their creations and a summary of more shows to come. Thus the aim of a program booklet is to inform the patron about the event, the artistes and their work.

You can Download the Free Program Booklet Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Program Booklet Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Program Booklet Template

Program Booklet Template

Download Program Booklet Template

Name ___________________ [Specify the name of the event or program.]

Date (s): ______ [Mention the date or dates of the event]Time: ______ [Write down the timings of the event or program]
Address: _____ [Mention the location of the place where the event will take place]Phone number ____ [Give the phone number of the organisers]


Description of the event [Give a brief summary of what the program is all about]:
Name (s) and background of participant (s) [Give the names and a summary of the backgrounds of the main artistes or participants]
Program itinerary [Make a list of the events in the program in the right order]:
Special instructions [Mention any special instructions that the guests are expected to follow, for eg, wear formal clothes and so on]:
Name of organisers: _________