A program template is a document that puts forth the various details of the programs that are to take place during the process of conducting an event or some special occasion. The template generally provides an outline of the particulars to be included to ensure conveying all the details of the programs. The purpose of the program and an introduction regarding the primary event is to be included first, followed by the information regarding the program, such as the date, venue, time, expected guests and members, financial aspects and legal matters, if so related, etc. The document is actually prepared to present a clear idea of the program that is to be held and the individuals who will be a part of it can thus prepare themselves accordingly; hence, the template should contain necessary guidelines to help in effective framing of the document.

You can Download the Free Program Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Program Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Program Template:

Program Template

Download Program Template

______________________________________ [mention name of the organization]


___________________________________________________ [give the name of the event or occasion for the program]

Event details:Name of the event: ________________________________ [mention the program’s name]

By: ______________________________________ [give name(s) or organization(s) conducting and commissioning the event]

On: _______________ [give proper date(s) of the event]

Time: ______________ [mention the program timings]

Venue: _____________________________ [mention the name of the place where the program is to be held]

Details: __________________________________________________ [mention nearby landmarks and give directions to reach the venue]

Purpose:______________________________________________________________ [mention the basic purpose and the objectives of the event and the corresponding program]
Program structure:
Sl. No.


[mention the name of the program or the topic of discussion]


[give description of the happenings of each program]

Organizer’s signature: ______________________________Official stamp or seal of the organization: _____________________