Promotional pamphlet templates are generally published by business organizations who wish to promote their business. It’s a source of advertisement in which all the details about the working and the functioning of the company is mentioned. It contains all the necessary information required by its customers about various topics of the organization. Sample Printable

You can Download the Free Promotional Pamphlet Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Promotional Pamphlet Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Promotional Pamphlet Template:

Promotional Pamphlet Template

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Name: – ___________________________ [mention name of the organization]

Address: – ____________________________ [Here mention location of the organization]

Contact: – __________________________ [Here mention about the contact number]

Communications: – _______________________ [Here mention about the various means and ways to communicate]

Timings: – _________________________ [Here mention about the working timings of the organization]

Authority: – ________________________ [mention about the person at authority]

Functioning since: – _________________________ [mention since when the organization is functioning]

Provides: – ______________________ [mention the core facilities provided by the organization]

License: – _______________________ [mention about the licenses acquired from various government departments]

Networks: – ______________________ [mention about the connections made with other organizations]

Emergency: – ____________________ [mention about the provisions in case of an emergency]

Charges: – _____________________ [mention about the charges for availing services]

Benefit: – ________________________ [mention about the benefits to the customers]

Target group: – _________________ [mention about the age group of people to whom your services are meant for]

Profession: – _____________________ [mention about people with what profession can avail your services]

Special requirements: – __________________ [mention about any special requirements, if any]

Members: – ________________ [mention extra benefits for the member]

Non- members: – ____________________ [mention facilities and services for non-members]