A publisher brochure highlights the services offered by the publishing house or agency. A publisher brochure template acts as a guide for the creation of impressive publisher brochures. They must be framed carefully in order to attract prospective clients and they must also be comprehensive. The template is drafted in such a way that it can be readily used and executed. These templates let the user just add a few details which are personal to each different user. So templates of this kind are used by many publishing houses as they are extremely time saving and rewarding in the sense that they offer a well detailed outlined structure. If you are looking for samples of this kind, this website is the right place for you.

Sample Publisher Brochure Template



Download Publisher Brochure Template


Name: ___________________ [Name of publishing agency]

Date of establishment: ______________________ [Year of establishment]

Head office: ________________________ Printing done in: _______________________ [Mention the relevant locations]

Brief history: _____________________________ [Provide a brief outline of the growth and development of the publishing house right up to the present day]

Materials we publish: _____________________________________________ [Mention the material the publishing house specializes in like fiction, educational books, pamphlets, brochures, abstracts etc.]

Our aim: ____________________________ [Mention the publishing house’s policy especially in relation to using natural paper, their attitude towards upcoming writers etc.]

Our charges start from: ________________$ [Mention the starting fees]

Contact number: ______________________ Email id: _______________________ [Mention the relevant contact details]