An invoice is a sheet of paper which describes the cost due to be paid by a person who has either used a service or purchased a good or an item. A purchase invoice is the name given to the specific invoice which is created in the case when the customer has bought or purchased certain goods or items from a seller.

A purchase invoice lists down all the items, gives cost for each and then gives a total amount due. To frame a purchase invoice effectively and in the correct format, one can make use of a purchase invoice template.

  • A purchase invoice template is a readymade invoice document which can be used by any seller, manufacturer, retailer or business to record the various purchases made.
  • The template has a pre-formatted structure that makes it easy for the users to create an actual invoice for purchase.
  • The layout and the structure are also accompanied with a few of the content details that are needed in such invoices and some of these include the heading for item description, price per item, total price, taxes, name of seller etc.
  • The rest of the details can be filled to suit the particular case of purchase.

Sample Purchase Invoice Template:



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