A real estate lease is a kind of a lease when a lessor/owner of a real estate property leases out the property to a lessee. The application which is sent for the purpose of applying for the lease is known as a real estate lease application.

In order to frame a real estate lease application correctly and using the right content and format, help of a real estate lease application template can be taken.

A real estate lease application template is basically a readymade lease application which can be used for applying for a real estate lease. The template consists of many fields or headings including name of applicant, address of applicant, address of the lease property and the other details about the applicant.

There are blank spaces left in the template which can be filled in by the applicant as per his/her requirements with the aim of customizing the template and converting it into an actual real estate lease application.

Templates of this kind are very useful because of their customizable nature and the fact that they can help save time of the users. Many samples of such templates can be found online for download.

Sample  Real Estate Lease Application Template

Real Estate Lease Application Template