A real estate list must encompass not only the details of properties in question, but other crucial detail like prices and agents. There must be complete transparency ensured. Thus a real estate listing template must keep these considerations in mind.

You can Download the Free Real Estate Listing Presentation Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Real Estate Listing Presentation Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Real Estate Listing Presentation Template

Real Estate Listing Presentation Template

Download Real Estate Listing Presentation Template

Name of agent: ____________________________________

Address of property 1: _______________________________________

Address of property 2: _______________________________________

[Mention relevant details including the location and, if possible, the postal addresses of the properties in question]

Prices of the properties in question:       [Mention the market value plus real estate dealer commission and other added expenses of both properties]

Property 1: $________________________

Property 2: $________________________

Approximate time of being in the real estate market, and thus available for prospective buyers: ______________________ [Give the estimated time of the two properties being in circulation and in the open market]

Special features of property 1: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Special features of property 2: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [Mention the relevant details like excellent location, good connectivity and booming real estate prices]