Realtor Brochure Template

Real estate agents present realtor brochure template, which contains the compelling message of why the customer should choose them. They represent the services, summarizes realtor’s previous experiences and credentials for maximizing their sales through customer’s review.

Sample Realtor Brochure Template



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Name of the company _______________________________________ [Realtor agency or company]

Contact Details ________________________________

Company profile: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Reviews of the customer:


Overview of the real estate property we can search for you: [mention the kind of residential property the company basically search for their customers and the price range of each kind]

Home type                     Location                       Baths and Beds (rooms)      Within Price range

__________                 __________                  ___________________       ___________

__________                 __________                  ___________________       ___________

__________                 __________                  ___________________       ___________

Advantage of using the organization: [mention few positive points of the company to prove it better than its other contemporaries do]

[Advantage 1]____________________________

[Advantage 2]____________________________

[Advantage 3]____________________________

Special packages offered on interior and exterior decoration on customer’s chosen home: _________________________________

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