Receipt templates are the pre-developed layout, which could be used for formulating the invoice of a customer for all of his or her transactions. This kind of template comes in handy for bookmarking your own records of transactions as well. Even it serves as a piece of evidence to tackle any future discrepancies related to the process of transaction.

The format of this particular kind of template is almost common for all kinds of bills of sale. Therefore, one must emphasize on the following points to obtain a standard receipt template which could serve the purpose at its best-

  • One must be careful about the header and footer part of this kind of layout. Header must include name and contact details of the organization, kind of invoice and other minute details related to it. Footer must include details like signature of the concerned salesperson and the customer along with the date of the receipt.
  • Template must contain provision for depicting the details of every individual entry along with its description and cost.
  • Lastly, it must be constructed comprehensively and innovatively. Even a note of thank you at the end of the receipt can turn out to be a gracious approach towards the customers.

 Sample Receipt Template:

Receipt Templates

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