A recommendation request letter template, as the name clearly defines, is a document that provides the outline of a letter that is designed to request for recommendations for some job(s) or some specific job position(s). A recommendation request letter is an important piece of document for it contains chances of recruitment to higher positions or newer jobs, and thus needs to be prepared skillfully such that it can effectively serve its required purpose.

Recommendations are generally made to supervisors and higher authority officials for proposing candidates to specific jobs; hence the letter must be kept official and particular fields and details must be effectively covered.

Such a template for recommendation request letter must contain proper and authentic information regarding the candidate being proposed and his/her eligibility for the recommended position. The general structure of the recommendation request letter template must be kept intact, such that it can be used for any form of recommendation requests being submitted or posted to specific authorities.

Recommendation Request Letter Template

Recommendation Request Letter Template

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