Recruitment Brochure Template

A Recruitment brochure template is needed by all the companies for presenting their recruitment policies and terms at its best in front of the prospective candidates. Hence, it should be effectively constructed for motivating many people to participate in the company’s recruitment drive. Any such template must consist of all that recruitment information which must be present in any such brochure. The only task for the user of these templates is to fill in his/her personal details so as to customise the document in his own way. This personalisation can be done quickly thus making the template a kind of a ready to execute piece of document. On this website, you can search for different brochure template samples to suit your purpose.

Sample Recruitment Brochure Template



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Name of the company _____________________________________

Address _____________________________

Positions those are vacant along with job description:

_________________ [Position1]     __________ [Job code of position 1]

Job Description ___________________________________________________ [mention Job description of position 1]

Basic Salary ________________________________________

_________________ [Position 2]     __________ [Job code of position 2]

Job Description ___________________________________________________ [mention Job description of position 2]

Basic Salary __________________________________

Recruitment Terms and Policies:


_____________________________ [Term 1]

_____________________________ [Term 2]


_____________________________ [Mention the recruitment policy 1 set by the company’s authority]

_____________________________ [Mention the recruitment policy 2 set by the company’s authority]

Recruitment Drives for above mentioned job position are generally conducted between ___________________ [month] to __________________ [month].

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