Albeit the main essence of a wedding invitation is courtesy & cordiality, yet different religions prefer to express it in their own unique ways. Hence it’s important to mind the religious nuances while preparing a wedding invitation. If you are concerned about the adherence of typical religious nuances in your wedding invitation card, our religious wedding invitation templates would be of great help for you.

We have got wedding invitation templates for every major religion like Christianity, Islam, Hinduism etc. Our templates have been drafted keeping in mind the most standard layouts and styles followed in every religion. There is no need to worry if you are not exact about the standard  format of wedding invitation letter set by your religion- you can easily customize our appropriate wedding invitation templates with your specific event data and send them safely to your guests. We have made sure that our templates are framed in tune with the rightmost and authentic invitation etiquette standards as asserted by varied religions.

Our wedding invitation templates are really elegant with state of the art illustrations and choicest of wordings. Moreover, thanks to our huge collection it would be easy for you to pick the most desired one from our list.

Sample Religious Wedding Invitation:


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