A document which is used to record the details of the rent amount due to be paid by a tenant to a landlord is known as a rent invoice. A rent invoice is prepared by the landlord and handed over to the tenant to ask him to pay the due amount. The rent invoice consists of several fields and headings and some of them include:

  • Name of the tenant
  • Date of rent due
  • Month for which rent is to be paid
  • Total amount due
  • Taxes applicable
  • Total amount due

The rent invoice is a formal document which not everyone is equipped or skilled enough to prepare. For such people, a rent invoice template can prove to be a very useful document. A rent invoice template is a readymade invoice which can be modified or customized as per personal requirement to be handed over to the tenant.

The template is left with blank spaces which can be entered into by the user depending upon the particular case of the tenant and the rent.  A rent invoice template proves very useful as it is almost complete with the details and hardly needs any more work to be done. It also saves considerable amount of time of the user.

Sample Rent Invoice Template


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