A report is a series of observations or results which are studied, researched and analysed and then put into words in a formal looking document. Any report is supposed to be arranged in a well structured format and must be elaborate and well detailed as far as the content is concerned. There are many different types of reports used at different levels such as school level, college level, job level etc… A report template is a document which acts like an actual report for those who are unable to draft their own report or wish to save time by using external readymade documents.

Any report template is a document of huge importance. These templates can be customised by the users and modify it as per their convenience or requirements. A report template comes with blank spaces wherever the personal details of the user are required or needed.

Report templates are framed by experts and are quite well detailed and elaborate. This is the reason why users need not worry about the format layout or content composition. Infact users can just fill in points in a quick manner thus saving their time. The following are a few examples of different types of report templates:

  • Project report template
  • Business report template
  • Factory report template
  • School report template


Sample Project Report Template:

Project report templateDownload Template

Sample Business Report Template:

Business report template

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