A request for quotation template outlines the body of the proposal laid out as an invitation to bid for a product wherein a company summons other companies into revealing their bids and entering into a business contract with it. Thus the request should be framed in an official tone and the item should be specified in clear unambiguous terms so that all the companies are certain about which item to place the bid for. The last date of acceptance should be provided in order to avoid unnecessary dragging of the time length. It should also be clearly indicated that the best bidders will be selected.

You can Download the Free Request for Quotation Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Request for Quotation Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Request for Quotation Template

Request for Quotation Template

Download Request for Quotation Template

Date: ________ [Mention the date of sending the request] To, ____________ [Name the company invited] ____________ [Name the concerned department] ____________ [Mention the full address counting city and zip code] Sub: _______________________ [Lay down the correct subject on which request is placed] ____________ [Mention the salutation], ________________________ [state the purpose of invitation]. ______________ [provide a brief outline of the background based on which the item has been selected] Details of the quotation: Last date of acknowledgment: ________ [Mention the last date of accepting it] Payment terms: ___________ [Mention the method of payment] Product standards: _________ [Stipulate the expected quality of the product] Contract length: ___________ [Explicate the length of the term the company wishes to adopt] Item specification: _________ [Give an accurate description of  the particulars of the product to invite correct quotes from bidders] Terms and conditions: _____________________________ [Expound the requisites of proposal] Yours sincerely, ___________ [Provide name] ___________ [Mention designation]