A research cover letter template is an effective document, which is widely personalized by the interested job applicant to accompany his candidature in order to grab a job opportunity in the field of research. A well designed cover letter is the first step of success towards selection for an interview schedule. The proper layout of a cover letter is provided in the template so that users do not have to worry about a correct structure or format. Infact most of the content is also present and the users just need to customise the document by adding details as per their personal specifications and requirements. Thus any such cover letter is an important as well as time saving document for many people. Sample of the same can be found in the following lines.

“You can Download the Free Research Cover Letter Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Research Cover Letter Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.”

Sample Research Cover Letter Template:

Research Cover Letter Template

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Name: ______________________ [Name of the receiver]

Title: ________________________

Address: _____________________ [provide the details of the recipient]

Dear Mr. / Mrs. / Miss. __________________ [proper salutation to the concerned person]

After working on numerous research projects with brilliant results, I am seeking an opportunity to work with your research organization _________________ [name of the receiver organization]. As I reviewed your advertisement published regarding the job opening of ________________ [name of the research designation], I have found that my talent and expertise justify the expected job criteria for this designation.

To grab an overview out of my positioned strength and scope of expertise, I have enclosed my candidature accomplishments in the field of research. Following are some of my skills set for your reference:

  • Ability to perform expected results.
  • Knowledge of scientific methods to document the conducted research experiments.
  • Effective coordination skills to manage the team of associates and analytical abilities to judge the pre experiment results.
  • Sound knowledge of scientific tools, equipments & chemicals and deep understanding of safe procedures.

These significant skills of my curriculum vitae can benefit the concerned research department with thriving outcomes. I would like to meet you at your connivance for discussing the scope and profitable opportunities for the growth of both the sides.

I am available at: __________________ [leave the contact number]. Hoping to meet you soon!

Yours sincerely,

___________________ [name of the sender candidate]