A research memo template can be used for a variety of purposes related to research in a university, consultancy, or any business. The following sample shows the notification given by a member of the research development about the invention of a new medicine to treat an illness. The memo requests the higher authorities to take the development forward.

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Sample Research Memo Template

Research Memo Template

Download Research Memo Template

Date: ________________


_________________ [Give the name of the manager / director / management]

Subject: _____________________________________ [Give the appropriate subject E.g., Regarding the development of a new medicine _______________]

I, ______________ [mention the sender’s name], am a part of the research and development team of this company. Out team _______________ [provide the name of the team] has been involved in the research of _________________ [provide the area or areas of research] from about ______________ [mention the time period of start of the research].

It is my pleasure to share the results with you. We have successfully developed a new medicine named _________________ [mention the name of the medicine] for treating _______________ [mention the name of the illness or disease]. We have undertaken extensive tests and experiments to develop this medicine and we have found positive results from it.

As far our knowledge and research goes, we have not found any side effects of this medicine. Please guide us to take this development to the next level. We are awaiting your response.

I have attached the test results in the attachment with this letter.

Yours sincerely

____________________ [Give the name of the sender]

____________________ [Designation of the sender]

____________________ [Phone of the sender]

____________________ [Location of the sender]



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