Restaurant Brochure Template

A Restaurant brochure template is designed accordingly by various restaurants depicting the variety of foods and drinks availability along with their cost. The content of the brochure not only presents the availability of the services but also precisely presents the standard and quality of the restaurant. What these template mainly do is that they provide an outlined structure and content to the restaurant owners so that they can then personalise the document as per their requirement and restaurant specialities. Thus any such template is pretty time saving as well as inexpensive way of promoting a restaurant. The customisable nature makes them popular and thus widely put to use. You can find many such samples of different brochure templates on this website.

Sample Restaurant Brochure Template



Download Restaurant Brochure Template


Name of the restaurant ______________________________

Established in _______________ [year]

Variety in Cuisines: [mention about the variety of cuisines that are offered by the restaurant]

Cuisine 1 ___________________

Description of Cuisine 1 _______________

Cost for 2 persons ______________________

Cuisine 2 ___________________

Description of Cuisine 2_______________

Cost for 2 persons ______________________

Cuisine 3 ___________________

Description of Cuisine 3_______________

Cost for 2 persons ______________________

Variety in Drinks:

Drink 1 __________________________

Description of Drink 1 _____________________________

Cost of Drink 1 ________________

Drink 2 __________________________

Description of Drink 2 _____________________________

Cost of Drink 2 ________________

Service: _____________________________ [mention about the services provided by the restaurants additionally]

Customer Review: _______________________________

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