A Restaurant Checklist Template is a form of template that will help you to collect all information necessary for building a restaurant business. This is useful to assess, identify, plan and organize every single details that will take place in planning, investing and developing a restaurant. In this checklist, sanitation, operations and service are also included not just the physical aspect of planning and managing a restaurant.

The following factors are essential for maintaining a restaurant at its best and keeping your customers happy and satisfied:

In opening a business, consider the space for restaurant facility, dining room which will take a lot of space in the restaurant followed by the kitchen space and preparation area, storage space and office space. Investing an inventory stock to maintain the operations of the business restaurant. Hiring people as your employees and according to the need of the staff in line with the different positions necessary to manage the business

Proper and regular maintenance of the equipments used in restaurant, kitchen and preparation area, dining room and for cleaning as well.  Safety is part of maintenance wherein there will be services of pest control regularly, complete first aid kits and emergency hotlines ready to contact in case of unexpected situation, certification of all insurance that the restaurant must have and lastly regular monitoring and inspection to all materials, food and drinks expiration and equipments needed to repair.

Lastly, make sure all customers are accommodated and given the right menu which they have ordered and inform them of the near closing time for them to prepare. Before leaving check all the payments for that day earned and keep all transacting receipts as proof.

Sample Restaurant Checklist Template