Whenever a person reaches his/her retirement age, he/she has to leave the workplace permanently and in such situations, he/she is handed over a retirement certificate. A retirement certificate is a kind of a certificate which is used to bid good bye to an employee in the most respectful manner. The certificate acts as a proof of years of service and dedication and is no less than an honor. Workplaces often have to use such certificates and don’t often frame fresh certificate drafts to save their time. They rather make use of a readymade retirement certificate format or outline which is known as a retirement certificate template. The following given points will throw more light on such a template.

  • A retirement certificate template is a semi-drafted certificate which has incomplete information and can be completed by quickly entering in the relevant points.
  • The template consists of broad heads or headings such as the Name of retiring employee, years spent in service, name of the company and the name of the certificate presenter. The rest of the information which is personal to the certificate holder has to be entered in by the presenter or workplace.
  • The fact that such templates are very easy to use, convenient and flexible to customize makes them highly productive and popular among offices and other business organizations, both big and small in scale.
  • Retirement certificate templates often also have instructions provided near the blanks so that people can enter information without any confusion.

Sample Retirement Certificate Template:

Retirement Certificate Template

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