Whenever a person retires from work or a duty, he/she is often wished by colleagues, seniors, juniors, friends and family members.  The best way to wish someone on his/her retirement is to do so by the means of a retirement greeting card. A retirement greeting card is a card which sends across good wishes to a retiring person from a workplace.

For those who are unable to frame or write such cards on their own, retirement greeting card templates can prove to be of a lot of use. A retirement greeting card template is a ready to use document which can be filled in with appropriate information such as name of the recipient, a message and the name of the sender.

Retirement greeting card templates are very useful as they not only help save time but also provide the right format and structure to send such a card. These greeting card templates have blank spaces left in them along with supporting instructions.

These blank spaces can be filled in according to the instructions provided and the document can be thus personalized. These templates are provided online and are available in many designs, themes and formats. These can be downloaded for free or for a cost.

Sample Retirement Greeting Card Template:

retirment greeting card template