Robotics website template is a document that lists the various fields that are needed to be put in a robotics website. It should list all the robotic product details, technologies currently underway in the field and in the news, career opportunities in the company, and general questions that can solve queries of the clients.

You can Download the Free Robotics Website Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Robotics Website Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Robotics website template:

Robotics Website Template

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Name of the company:        ___________________________________ [As per company registration form]

Catch line:                  ___________________________________



[Include the description of the firm]


About: _______________________________ [Brief description of the product]

Concept: _____________________________ [Origin, developments]

Specifications: ________________________ [Tools, substances, body parts, etc]

Applications: _________________________

News and Events

News:        ______________________________ [Recent news items to be updated]

Pressroom: ___________________________

Events: ______________________________


____________________________________ [Name all the partners supporting the firm]


Roles currently available: __________________________________

Role looking for: _________________________________________

Resume upload:  _________________________________________

FAQs [Basic questions and their answers]

Question1: ______________________________________________

Answer:     ______________________________________________

Question2: ______________________________________________

Answer:     ______________________________________________

Question3: ______________________________________________

Answer:     ______________________________________________

Contact Us

Address: ___________________________________________________________________

State: _______________ Telephone: __________________ Email id: __________________

Enter your query: ____________________________________________________________