A room rental agreement is a document which outlines the nature of an agreement between a landlord and a tenant regarding the leasing of a room by the former to the latter for a certain period of time. It is a legal document which must be written with due care and attention to details.


This is to clarify the living arrangements between ____________________ [henceforth referred to as the landlord] and ________________________ [henceforth referred to as the tenant] for the duration of __________________ [time]. The date of commencement of the room rental agreement is _____________________ [dd/mm/yy] and the date of termination is ___________________ [dd/mm/yy]. The following details must be verified and carefully noted:

Location of Rental Unit:


[Mention the address of the household which is to be rented by the landlord to the tenant]


Landlord: ____________________________________

Tenant: _____________________________________

[Mention the names of both parties involved in the room rental agreement]

Terms and Conditions:


[Mention the terms and conditions governing the agreement between the landlord and the tenant]

Duration of Agreement and Important Notifications:


The parties may terminate the contract within ______________ [days] notice being given. The minimum notice period is ____________ [days]. The given notice period may be lengthened or contracted by agreement within the parties.

[Mention the time period for which the agreement will be valid]


Amount payable between ________ [date] to ______ [date]: _____________________

This amount does not include: _______________________________________ [mention the composition of the rental amount including money to be paid for utilities, electricity, and water and so on]


Landlord: ________________________________

Tenant: __________________________________

Advocate: _______________________________