A Sacrament Meeting program template is a document which contains an outline, in brief schematic form, of the agenda of a Sacrament Meeting program. Such a meeting is the congregation of believers in the LDS churches, and generally consists of certain important events like benediction and singing of hymns. There is a definite schedule for the conduct of this events and it is to this program that the Sacrament Meeting program template refers to. It should be well composed with accuracy and concision so that readers of the template are able to fill in the timings and other details easily. Care should be taken to ensure that it can be easily understood.

You can Download the Free Sacrament Meeting Program Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Sacrament Meeting Program Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Sacrament Meeting Program Template:

Sacrament Meeting Program Template

Download Sacrament Meeting Program Template

Sacrament Meeting Program for ________________________ [Mention the date on which the Sacrament Meeting program will be held]

Sacrament Meeting program to be presided over by: _____________________ [Mention the name of the officiating priest who will conduct the meeting or gathering]

Venue of the Sacrament Meeting program: __________________________ [Mention the place where the Sacrament Meeting program will be held].

Sacrament Meeting Program

The following is the itinery for the Sacrament Meeting :-

Prayer: ________________________

Singing of hymns: ______________________

Baptism/confirmation: _______________________

Church business: ______________________________

Announcements: _________________________

Benediction: ______________________

Conferral of Sacrament: _______________________

[Mention when each of these item on the Sacrament Meeting program will be conducted]

Total duration of the Sacrament Meeting: ____________________ [Mention the total time for which the meeting will last]

Expected number of attendants: _____________________ [Mention the number of people expected to attend the Sacrament Meeting]

Signature of officiating priest:___________________ [Provide a validating signature to establish authenticity of the document]