Sales Brochure Template

A sales brochure template is an effective marketing tools used by various companies for advertising their products with specific details of it and enticing customer for purchasing it. Any such template is very useful for different companies as they get an inexpensive and time saving method to market their products or services. These documents are readymade and also ready to use and hence can save time of the user. Users can infact customise these brochure templates as per their needs and specifications. Any sales brochure template thus is pretty helpful as far as the usability and availability of it is concerned.

Sample Sales Brochure Template



Download Sales Brochure Template


Name of the company _______________________________________

Address _____________________________

Logo ______________________________

Company profile__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [this section of a brochure should give a detailed overview about the company along with the products that is being manufactured]

Product unit and their role:

Production unit 1 __________________________________________

Description of the products manufactured __________________________________

Production unit 2 __________________________________________

Description of the products manufactured __________________________________

Demographic data: [mention with statistics or pie charts about the entire sales of the company’s product in the market, this gives a clear view to the prospective clients about the company’s status]

Clients review on company and services ____________________________________________________________________________ [mention the reviews of the existing clients about the association]

Upcoming plans: [mention briefly about the company’s upcoming plans for improving its marketing ahead]

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