Every salon must have a list of the services it provides so that the customers and clients can have a look and pick the service that they wish to avail. But one thing that is very important in a salon service list is the price of each of the services offered. The price gives customers an idea about how much they would have to pay if they avail a certain service.  Salon price list is an important list for every salon to possess. If a salon owner is unsure about framing a price list, then he/she can take help from a salon price list template. A salon price list template is a layout of a salon price list that can be customized or personalized as per particular prices and services offered by individual salons.

Salon price list templates prove to be extremely beneficial and useful sheets for salon owners as these templates help them save a lot of time. Infact, using such templates is a good way to get the readymade format for drafting such list. The list template can be modified and changed easily as it has spaces left for user details like name of salon, address, taxes applicable and other info

Sample Salon Price List Template:


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