Sample Email Template

An email is an electronic mail that is exchanged through a computer or a phone. It is a convenient way of communicating that is much faster than ordinary mail. Messages exchanged via email are digital and they are based on a model of store and forward.  Below is a sample email template.

“You can Download the Free Sample Email Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Sample Email Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.”

Sample Email Template

Email Template

Download Email Template

Date: ________________________________________

To: (the email address of the recipient (s) _________________________

Add Cc / Add Bcc: (incase of other preferred recipients) ___________________

From: _______________________________________________

Subject line: (topic) ___________________________________________

Who (the contact person) ______________________________________

Body:  Hi, I would like to confirm whether you got the invoice I sent you yesterday. It has the full details as per our discussion on phone. My sales department has also acted accordingly. I kindly await your action before the week ends. (This covers the details below).

Purpose: ___________________________________________

Background: _________________________________________

What (subject matter) __________________________________

When (deadline) _______________________________________

Benefits (to audience) ___________________________________

Action requested _______________________________________

Signature block _________________________________________

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