Employment letter templates include resignation letter templates, letter of recommendation templates and even letter of employment templates. They are therefore used for a number of reasons depending on one’s need. They should be short, clear and state the reasons for writing in order to get the desired attention. Below is template example that shows what must be included in an effective employment letter which can be designed depending on the purpose of the letter.

An employment template is a document which is prepared to include the employment details of an individual. The template has been designed to follow the pattern/ format which is of great importance when official documents are to be prepared. This template can be used by any individual who provides the information required to complete the blanks. It consists of the description of an individual’s past/ current employment status and its details such as the associated firm, the tenure, the profile etc.

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Sample Employment template

Employment template

Download Employment template

Date: ________________________

Employer 1 contact information

Name: ________ ________________

Tile: ________________________

Company: ________________________

Address: ________________________

City, state, zip code: ________________________


Employer 2 Contact Information / Employee information

Name: ________________________

Address: ________________________

City, state, zip code: ________________________

Phone number: ________________________

Email address: ________________________

Dear: ________________________,


Introducing paragraph: introduce yourself to recipient of the letter give reasons for writing.

Middle paragraph: briefly describe the points that support your reasons for writing and thoughts depending on the purpose of the letter.

Finishing paragraph: thank the letter recipient for his/her time.

Complimentary close:


Your signature: ________________________

Your name: ________________________