A scholarship essay template is basically a clone of an essay which generally serves to be a precursor of a scholarship and paves way for its invitation. However, the cloning has to remain limited to the configuration and principles prescribed for its formation and not the substance per se. It is required to be individualistic in content and contemporary in style.  This is based on certain degree of brainstorming, generated on the topic which has to be attacked effectively and a relevant connected introduction serves the purpose well for this. After an impactful opening, the body should be written convincingly followed by an acceptable conclusion.

You can Download the Free Scholarship Essay Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Scholarship Essay Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Scholarship Essay Template

Scholarship Essay Template

Download Scholarship Essay Template

                               NAME OF THE INSTITUTION

[Write the name of the topic provided in this context]

Name of the college principal: _____________ [Mention the name of the authorised person]
Name of the writer: ____________ [Mention the name of the student]
Date of submission: ___________ [Provide the date on which the essay is written]
Time: ____________ [Mention the duration of time allowed for completion of essay by indicating the starting time and ending time]
INTRODUCTION: [Make consideration for some tested techniques]
Opening lines: _____________________ [Put famous lines from famous books]Gradual approach: _________________ [Cite pertinent examples and stories]

Goals: _______________ [Stipulate the aim of the topic given]

MAIN BODY: [Provide for the specific aspects covered under the topic]Main statement: ______________ [Lay down the generic statement]

Points: [Explicate the supporting and complementary points]


CONCLUSION: [Lay down a sound conclusion]Critical questions: ____________ [Enlist the questions generated]

General opinion: ___________ [End with a concluding remark]