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A school brochure template is used as a promotional document designed with educational standards and offered services to educate the readers. Such a template offers a great help to the interested students to decide about the further educational institute. The main use of such a template is that it highlights the main details and characteristics of the school and also leaves spaces so that a school authority can personalise the template as per the individual needs or requirements of any school. These templates are useful especially for those school who either are not aware of the format to be followed while framing a brochure or wish to save their previous time by avoiding drafting of the entire brochure.

Sample School Brochure Template



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Logo: __________________ [logo of the school brand]

Name of the school: _____________ [initial information is to be provided about the school]

Image: ___________________ [an interactive image is printed according to the purpose]

________________________ [an overview is printed for specifying the school history and criteria. This introduction helps the reader to understand the capability and efficiency of the staff.]

Offered educational services and standards: _____________________ [a proper briefing is given in order to attract the attention of the readers]

Benefits: ________________ [here, the school authority differentiate how they offer better educational package in comparison with the competitors.]

How to join us: _________________________ [the procedure and student eligibility is mentioned here]

Contact us:

Address: ______________

Phone number: _________

Fax number: ___________

E-mail id: _____________

URL: _________________ [contact details are filled to help the interested students]

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