A school lunch menu template is the format in which the menu for lunch in the cafeteria of a school is designed. The details mentioned in these templates include the name of the school along with the food items and their price.

You can Download the Free School Lunch Menu Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. School Lunch Menu Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample School Lunch Menu Template

School Lunch Menu Template

Download School Lunch Menu Template

________________ [Logo of the school]

_________________ [name of the school]

Lunch menu for the cafeteria of ________________________ [name of the school]

Lunch timings: ____________ [time from when the cafeteria starts serving the lunch] to _______________ [time from when the cafeteria will stop serving the lunch]

Indian Vegetarian Thali                                                 ___________

(Includes _____________ [name and quantity of food items included])

Indian Non-vegetarian thali                                                   ___________

(Includes _____________ [name and quantity of food items included])

Chinese combo                                                                                                ___________

(Contains either noodles or rice and a chicken preparation of

__________________ [name of the chicken preparation

and kimchi salad])

[Price of the food item]

Lunch will be served till food lasts. Self Service.