A service brochure is designed to denote, in an attractive manner, the services offered by a company, organization or a group of individuals. They must be comprehensive yet concise to attract eyeballs. A service brochure template helps in the formulation of a service brochure. The service brochure template is a document which is left with blank spaces which needs to be filled in with personal details of the user which is used to customise the template as per personal needs and requirements. The main use of any service brochure is for those who are drafting a brochure like this for the first time and are not aware of the format or method to be followed. Samples of the same can be found on this website.

Sample Service Brochure Template



Download Service Brochure Template


Name: _______________________ [Name of the service provider]

Nature of organization: ____________________ [Mention the kind of organization that is providing service]

Kind of services we offer:

  • Service 1: _________________________________________________
  • Service 2: _________________________________________________
  • Service 3: _________________________________________________ [Mention some of the services provided by the organization]

Our aims and foundational principles: _________________________________________ [Enumerate the basic principles that the organization aims at adhering to in providing its services]

Basis of selecting clients: _________________________________________ [Enlist the criteria followed in selecting clients]

Charges: ____________________$ [Mention the charges as per service provided]

Contact number: ____________________________

Email id: __________________________________ [Mention the relevant contact details]

Signature: ____________________________________ [Of the head of the organization]