Whenever a person/customer or client uses a service offered by a service provider then he/she may be asked to evaluate the service by the service company. This evaluation is done on a document or form which is known as a service evaluation. A service evaluation helps service providers know the areas on which they are lacking so that they can improve upon them and result in 100% client satisfaction. A service evaluation template on the other hand is a document which can be converted into a service evaluation just by making a few changes and additions into the document.

A service evaluation template can be considered as a readymade evaluation form which is provided with the field but the real evaluation points have to be entered into by the user. The evaluation form can be handed over to the customers as it is or by entering the name of the service provider and other personal details. Thus it is very easy to customize the template and use it for company-specific purposes.  Many designs and formats of such service evaluation templates can be found online and can be downloaded either for free or for a certain sum of money.

Sample Service Evaluation Template:

Service Evaluation Template

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