A service receipt is a kind of a receipt which a service provider hands over to a customer or service user to indicate the cost of the services due and the amount that needs to be paid.

The service receipt consists of several categories such as the name of the service provider, the name of the service user, the service description, date of using the service, the cost of service, taxes applicable and the total payment due.  A service receipt template is a kind of a template or a ready made document which can be used as a service receipt by any service provider.

A service receipt template is a well detailed structure and outline of a service receipt which can be modified as per the needs and requirements of the user. The template can be tailor made into a service provider specific receipt using the blank spaces as well as the instructions that are provided in it.

Users can add the name of their service and fill in the various headings and categories to complete the receipt and hand it over to the service user. These templates save a lot of time and hard work of many service providers across the world.

Sample Service Receipt Template:


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