Services quotation template provides an elaborate catalogue of the sub-divisions or parts of a parent service that a company promises to deliver for another company. The services may be of varied nature with unique requirements. Thus the cost of all the parts has to be known to presume the sum total of the parts. This is laid out in the quotation and the customers can derive an understanding from the content depending on which they can select the company with the lowest offering prices coupled with relatively higher standards of service. Therefore it should be embodied exhaustively, underscoring the service components and their respective prices indisputably.

You can Download the Free Services Quotation Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Services Quotation Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Services Quotation Template

Services Quotation Template

Download Services Quotation Template


LOGO               [Indicate company signature]

NAME OF THE SERVICE AGENCY _______________ [Mention full name]

Name of the service: ______________ [Mention the name of service]Date of establishment: ______________________ [Mention the date]

Quotation number: ______ [Mention the quotation reference number]

Address: ________________________ [Provide the official address]

Email id: _________________________ [Provide the online address]

Phone number: _______________________ [Provide phone number]


________________ [Name the customer company]

Purpose of quotation: [Enumerate the practical objectives]
Date of quotation: _____________________________ [Mention the date of quotation]Date of service: _________________________ [Mention the date or dates of services]

Service authorisation number: _______________ [Mention the service license number]

Parts of service [Indicate the component number] Service narrative [Provide an explanation of the service component] Price charged [Indicate the cost of the service] Tax amount [Mention the current rates levied] Line total [Calculate the total amount for each]
1. Consultation
2. Analysis
3. Performance

Total: ___________ [Provide correct total]