Software Company Website Template

A Software company website template is a template that shows that design and content of a website for a software company. The website should contain company information, services offered, and industries served and career opportunities available.

Sample Software Company Website Template

Software Company Website Template


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Name of the Software Company: _________________ [With a Logo]

Catch line: _________________________________________

About Us [Give some description about each of the below topics]


The Vision and the Mission:   ___________________________________________

The Values:                        ___________________________________________

The History:                       ___________________________________________


Employees:                        __________________________________________

Partners:                    __________________________________________

Services and Solutions


Strategy:                   ____________________________ [E.g. Post merger integration]

Finance:                     ____________________________ [E.g. Finance process Excellence]

Supply Chain Management:   ____________________________ [E.g. Logistics]

Marketing:                 ____________________________ [E.g. Channel Management]


Software testing:         ____________________________ [E.g. Quality Assurance]

IT Architecture:           ____________________________ [E.g. Process Management]

Application Development:     ____________________________ [E.g. Systems integration]


Application Outsourcing:       ___________________________________________

Infrastructure Outsourcing:   ___________________________________________

Business Process Outsourcing: __________________________________________


Public Sector:                                     _______________________________

Energy:                                     _______________________________

Manufacturing, Retail, and Distribution:   _______________________________

Telecom, Media, Entertainment:            _______________________________

Financial Services:                               _______________________________


Listing of vacancies: ________________________________ [Provide a drop down of vacancies available in different departments]

Apply now / Upload resume / Know more [Put click buttons]

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