A software project quotation template serves to envisage the price quotations and estimates of a particular software development project. It is constructed on the request of a customer company that contracts a software firm for the said project. Since software project entails myriad complications in terms of resources, money and technicalities, a report of the approximate outcomes should be laid down corresponding to the probable complications.  Thus the quotation should be prepared in an elaborate manner providing the essential details of the project and the processes validating the end result of the project. The format should be simple and should be able to hold the customer’s attention.

You can Download the Free Software Project Quotation Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Software Project Quotation Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Software Project Quotation Template

Software Project Quotation Template

Download Software Project Quotation Template


Name of the software: ______________ [Mention the name of the software]
Name of the project mediator: ________ [Mention the name of the official conducting the project]
Date of submission: ________ [Provide the date on which quotation is submitted]
Objectives: [Mention the objectives of commissioning the task]
Objective 1:
Objective 2:
Software functions: [Enumerate the main functions to be attained by the software]
Function 1:
Function 2:
Date of commencement of project: _______________ [Give the starting date of the project]
Date of termination of project: ________________ [Give the estimated date of completion]
Stage name [Itemise the steps of project] Description [Explain the significance of the step with respect to the project] Estimated cost [Estimate the amount of money involved] Outcome [Illustrate the plausible result]
Limitations: ___________ [State the limitations of the project] Total estimated cost Resultant outcome
Signature: ___________ [Give mediator’s signature]