Spa pamphlet template is a way of advertising about the spa services available for its guests. It provides information on types of spa services, rates and all other facilities provided for rejuvenation and to burst day to day stress and in a soothing atmosphere meant for relaxation of the mind. .

Sample Spa Pamphlet Template:

Spa Pamphlet Template

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Name: – __________________________ [mention name of the spa]

Address: – ___________________________ [mention the location of the spa]

Contact: – _________________________ [mention all the contact details]

Various fitness packages offered by our Spa and their prices

Packages: –                                                Price

Health spa package                                     $400

Get back in shape package                           $600

Complete harmony package                          $300

Various massages offered by our Spa and their prices

Massages                                           Price

Back and neck massage                               $400

Foot massages                                            $300

Full body massages                                      $1000

Swedish massage                                        $500

Various Beauty treatments offered by our spa and their prices

Beauty Treatment                                       Price

Facial                                                $700

Waxing                                              $500

Hair styling                                         $600

Manicure                                            $250

Pedicure                                            $250

Other facilities: – _______________________ [mention about the other facilities available at the spa]

Session: – ____________________________ [mention about the time duration of each session]

Sittings: – ________________________ [mention number of sittings required]

Products: – ________________________ [mention about the quality and various types of products used]

Skin type: – ___________________________ [mention different treatments given to different types of skin texture]

Benefit: – _________________________ [mention about the benefits to guest]

Membership: – ____________ [mention about special privileges to members and benefits of availing membership]

Non- members: – _____________________ [here mention about the packages available for the non members as well]