A sponsorship brochure is designed with a view to explaining the various kinds of sponsorships offered by a particular agency or organization. These brochures can be of many kinds depending on the kind of organization in question. A sponsorship brochure template therefore guides the framing and construction of a sponsorship brochure. Any sponsorship brochure template is an extremely useful document for organisations who wish to publish their own sponsorship documents and are not clear about the format to be followed. These templates are time saving and possibly the most inexpensive methods to promote any kind of sponsorship.

A sponsorship brochure template is thus a readymade document which can be quickly filled in with appropriate details to personalise it as per personal specifications and needs.

Sample Sponsorship Brochure Template



Download Sponsorship Brochure Template


Name of organization: _________________________________________________

Nature of organization: _________________________________________________ [Mention the kind of sponsoring organization like a philanthropic enterprise, a scholarship foundation, multinational company etc.]

Our purpose and aim in providing sponsorships: _______________________________ [Reasons for sponsorship, like encouraging new projects and talent etc.]

We provide sponsorships for: ______________________________ [Mention the kind of clientele the organization caters to, like students, nascent companies, humanitarian work etc.]

Our past efforts: ________________________________ [Mention some instances in the past where sponsorship has benefitted both parties]

Our criteria for selecting a deserving candidate for sponsorship: _______________________ [Mention relevant criteria]

Contact number: _______________________________

Email id: _____________________________________

Signature: ____________________________________ [Of the head of foundation or sponsoring company]